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We recently went through the NetWaiter blog and pulled out some of the more interesting tips about web and mobile marketing from past posts.  A refresher is always good, and even better in bite-size form.  Here’s a brief selection of some of our favorite tips that have helped restaurants all across the NetWaiter Network..

1. Update Your Directory Listings

A restaurant chain recently had each store do a search of all the directories they were listed in, correcting erroneous information and making updates. Google algorithms like correct, consistent, and up-to-date information. Click-through rates skyrocketed after the information was corrected.  A great, simple, and valuable way to spend your time.

2. Include Social Media Links On Your Website

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – all of the top Social Media outlets.  Make it easy for people to learn about all of the great things happening at your restaurant.  Remember that certain social media sites are favored by different age groups and demographics. You want to cover the entire spectrum and you may want to alter your message based on the platform.

3. Go Mobile to Improve Trust Among Consumers

Consumers attach to a brand faster when using a mobile device because they can hold it in their hands, as opposed to looking at a computer screen or television.  Because consumers can “hold the brand” in their hands, they tend to trust it more (a study calls this psycho-haptic — “what I touch is real”).  This is important because 51% of all restaurant searches happen on a mobile phone, and these are people who will be ordering online or visiting your restaurant within a few hours.

4. The Power of Virtual Touch

Post pictures on your site.  As reported in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, if you touch something you like, you’ll want it more. This might also explain why online orders tend to be larger than phone-in orders. When a customer holds something in their hands, they imagine themselves in control.  Research has found this to be true even on touchscreen devices, where the viewer has some control.  Online customers don’t get to see or smell the food from your restaurant before deciding to order, but the ability to touch and manipulate a photo of a menu item on a handheld device or tablet gives them a sense of ownership and control.  It precipitates that thought of, “Yeah, I want to order this.”

Put these few tips to work and let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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