More Local Customers: 23.3% increase in traffic and 37.7% increase in new users when restaurants use NetWaiter.

Customized Web App

Reach customers in real-time with important information and offers.

Google Connect

Boost your web presence and visibility so more people can find your restaurant.

Platform & Network

Easily communicate information to local customers across multiple platforms.


Customized Web App

NetWaiter provides your restaurant a native app experience, without the need for an app store. Customers have the option to automatically install your branded app on their phone when visiting your custom site. Your app allows you to send push notifications to customers the moment you want to communicate new information, offers, or discounts.



Google Connect By NetWaiter

We put the power of Google on your side. Google Connect by NetWaiter helps you boost your web presence and visibility so more people will find your restaurant through Google Search and Google Maps. Google Connect by NetWaiter will seamlessly sync your restaurant information to Google so every time your restaurant’s data is updated, including your menu, NetWaiter automatically updates your info with Google.

NetWaiter Broadcast Hub

Your Broadcast Hub is a dynamic tool that allows you to easily communicate information with customers across multiple platforms. Use your Broadcast Hub to simultaneously post one message to multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, your individual NetWaiter site, and the NetWaiter Network. It’s the easiest way to post real-time updates and announcements regarding daily specials, upcoming events, and promotions.



NetWaiter Network

Our nationwide network of restaurants and customers will push you forward. The NetWaiter Network allows local customers to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver, order online, and get updates. Join the NetWaiter Network and leverage the power of over 300,000 restaurants to increase your reach to thousands of new local customers.

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**STATS: 23.3% increase in total traffic and 37.7% increase in new users are when restaurants use NetWaiter’s marketing tools (days at least one post is made vs days no posts are made).

Online Ordering

If your restaurant uses a service that is partnered with NetWaiter, you can easily link your online ordering system to your custom NetWaiter site to receive more orders from local customers.

Customer Stories

NetWaiter has completely changed the way we do business… Bottom line: our concept, with NetWaiter’s innovation, equals more profit.

Jasmine A. - Restauranteur

Advertising our daily specials to local customers is so easy. The system gives us access to customers we would never see. Plus, because we’re a “Local Fave” we get even more exposure.

James G. -Restaurant Owner

Our online orders have seen an increase of over 30%, versus on the phone or in person.

Jose D. Restaurant GM