Online and Mobile Ordering System For Your Restaurant

Increase revenue with your custom branded online ordering site and a listing on myNetWaiter.


Branded Online Ordering

NetWaiter offers your restaurant a fully branded online ordering system allowing you to connect directly with customers online, via mobile, or on Facebook. We make online ordering simple for you and your customers. is a customer-centric site allowing visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their Favorite places. Find out if your restaurant is part of the network here.

Over 275,600 restaurant locations are listed on, allowing millions of customers to connect with their favorite local restaurants.

Why NetWaiter?

Increase Revenue

NetWaiter online orders are about 20% larger than typical phone orders.

Fully Branded Site

Maintain and promote your restaurant’s brand while your customers order online.

Mobile Ordering

Your branded NetWaiter site is fully compatible with all types of mobile devices.

Great Pricing

First 30 Days Free. No Contracts. Get your site setup quickly and easily!

Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are higher at restaurants that use NetWaiter.

Get Paid Directly

Receive payments for online orders directly to your restaurant.

“Our online orders continue to grow and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

-Casie C. (Greenz Restaurants)

Is Your Restaurant Listed?

Find out if your restaurant is listed on the NetWaiter Network.


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NetWaiter is the best online ordering system for restaurants. Not only will it help improve your restaurant’s efficiency and revenue, it improves guest satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to your restaurant’s custom-branded online food ordering system, your restaurant will be part of myNetWaiter, the largest network of restaurants in the United States. If you are looking for a GrubHub alternative or Seamless alternative, the NetWaiter online ordering system is what your restaurant needs. We have created the number one custom-branded restaurant online ordering system. How? Our online ordering system for restaurants makes it easy for you to get your menu online and connect with customers in your area quickly.

Many alternative food ordering systems take a huge percentage of restaurant profits. With NetWaiter, however, our low fees allow you to make more money from each order and communicate with customers using our integrated marketing platform. Your restaurant can sign up for our online ordering system for free and get a complimentary 30-day trial. Our design team will work with you to create your custom online ordering site and your restaurant will be receiving orders in very little time. Customers love the convenience of our system and the additional revenue generated by NetWaiter’s online food ordering software.

Beyond online ordering, you will also receive other beneficial tools to help grow your restaurant, such as a dedicated success specialist, the ability to receive payments directly, group ordering, advanced ordering, a fully branded mobile site, a social widget that integrates into major social media channels, Facebook ordering, email marketing, a comprehensive promotional system, birthday marketing system, a custom QR code, and more. If you would like to learn more about NetWaiter and how your restaurant can use it to start bringing in more revenue, contact us today!