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There are quite a few options these days when it comes to online ordering software for restaurants. It can be hard to choose which one is best for your restaurant. When selecting online ordering software for your restaurant, you want to choose a system and service that makes the process effortless and profitable. It needs to be easy for you to manage, but it should also be simple for customers to use and order frequently. If you’re looking for the perfect system and service, look no further than NetWaiter.

NetWaiter is the best online ordering software for restaurants, with clients seeing an increase in revenue and customer loyalty right from the start. And that’s not all! Here are seven more reasons NetWaiter is the right service for your restaurant and customers:

1. Your restaurant will get great exposure.

Restaurants that use NetWaiter’s online ordering system get a premium listing on the NetWaiter Network. With the NetWaiter Network, customers can search and view information about local restaurants, including restaurants that offer delivery and accept reservations. With over 280,000 restaurant locations nationwide, your restaurant is probably one of them! When customers find your restaurant on the NetWaiter Network, they will see your menu, any recent updates, and current promotions.

2. You receive payments directly.

Most services that provide online ordering software for restaurants collect payments from your customers and actually hold them, only to pay you once per month. As a business owner, nothing could be more frustrating. At NetWaiter, we believe you should receive your money directly, and without any delay. When online transactions are processed, the money is delivered straight to your merchant account. You never have to wait to get paid and customers see your business name on their credit card statement.

3. NetWaiter is a marketing powerhouse.

What if you could find a service that not only takes orders, but also provides you with marketing tools your business needs? NetWaiter is a fully loaded system, providing online ordering software for restaurants and integrated marketing tools to help your business! You can create marketing emails that match your restaurant’s branding and inform customers of specials, new items, or send out promotions. We also know the birthdays of your customers – which allows you to send them a tailored “Happy Birthday” message, along with a promo for their special day. It’s a great way to keep your customers happy!

4. You’ll get access to your very own Success Specialist.

At NetWaiter, we provide each restaurant with a dedicated Success Specialist to help you increase your revenue from online ordering. We provide online ordering software for restaurants and we want to make sure every restaurant using the system thrives. Your Success Specialist will be there to help you grow your takeout/delivery business, help you with your marketing emails, promotions, and so much more. Whenever you have a question, your Success Specialist will be there to help you along the way!

5. NetWaiter is social media-friendly.

Social media is so important these days, which is why your restaurant needs online ordering software that integrates with social media. With our Broadcast Hub, you can link your restaurant’s Facebook page and Twitter feed so you can post one message to all of your platforms simultaneously. Your updates will appear on Facebook, Twitter, your individual NetWaiter site, and the NetWaiter Network. Take advantage of this feature to post real-time updates for customers to get easily informed about specials, menu changes, and upcoming events.

You can even allow customers to place orders directly through your Facebook page! Talk about convenience! In addition, if someone places an order using their Facebook account, NetWaiter can promote your restaurant to your customer’s friends, helping you get even more exposure for your business.

6. You’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is actually higher at restaurants that use NetWaiter over any other online ordering software for restaurants. Why? We take pride in providing your customers with a great experience. We ensure accuracy with every order placed through our system. Plus, your customers never have to wait on hold or in line when ordering with NetWaiter. Happy customers are more likely to come back again and again – and that’s our goal.

7. It’s quick and easy to get started.

With NetWaiter, you can start using our online ordering services the very same day you sign-up. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll get immediate access to your NetWaiter Management Console. You’ll be able to customize your site in no time or, simply have NetWaiter take care of everything for you!

With all the benefits NetWaiter provides, it’s clear why it is the best online ordering software for restaurants. Activate your account now and start taking orders today!

“NetWaiter has added great value to my business. The service has been great and I highly recommend it.”

– Nicole P. (Asian Fusion)

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