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Let’s face it. We live is a digitized social world. . In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017. In 2017, 71% of internet users were social network users and these figures are expected to grow. Of that total, 500 million are daily active Instagram users.

To successfully, use Instagram, you have to curate the right content on your feed. Customers are only choosing to follow accounts that provide meaningful relevant content. . So how will you curate your Instagram feed?. Let us help you out by directing you to some food brands that will both inspire and aspire your restaurant to do more with your content.


Oreo gets pretty creative with its iconic product. To attract and appeal to their customers, they use big, bold, bright colors throughout their posts to stand out in their followers’ feed. They also have a tendency to pick and commit to themes  for a specific period of time before moving on.They post videos, illustrations, customer photos, and more to try to get their followers to stay engaged – and it works. They clearly are having fun with their product, and following them helps remind you, as an owner, how important it is to keep content light, bright, and quirky.


If you are looking for a brand that reminds you to stay true to your business, this is the one. Chobani focuses on healthy recipes and innovative ways to use their product in each of their posts. As a result, they create a following that values healthy living. fter Upon vising their Instagram page,e, you will see how their brand and messaging stays consistent to their customers. This page is a great one to follow for innovative ways to connect with your customers if you’re feeling like you’re in a content rut.

Taco Bell

Speaking of creative Instagram accounts, let’s add add Taco Bell to this list. They are incredibly fearless when it comes to posting content that might connect to their consumers. There is  so much variety relating to ONE specific product – tacos. Each post feels special and unique to the brand. Going this route can ensure that your customers are getting something new to look at each and every day and connect with your business.


If your brand has a mascot or point person that you utilize often in your restaurant’s marketing strategy, then you have to begin following Cheetos’ Instagram. Immediately, when a patron is scrolling through their posts, they are able to easily identify Cheetos post because Chester is everywhere in their content. He promotes contests, giveaways, new products and more.. This strategy works for them and could work for you if you have a marketable asset like Chester.  

Outside of following brand accounts take a look at this list of Instagram accounts that are featuring recipes (and gorgeous photography) to their followers, and if you really want food porn, follow each and every single one of these accounts.


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