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We all know that convenience is the biggest factor of why people choose to order online.  But, what are the reasons customers choose to order from one restaurant over another? According to a recent study, these are six important factors customers use to make their decision (figures based on the % of people that agree with the statement):

Food tastes just as good as when dining in – 68%.  Customers want to replicate the in-restaurant dining experience as much as possible.  Remember that presentation is also important.  Use containers that keep your food as intact as possible.

Orders are accurate – 67%.  This reinforces the fact that you need to check each order before it leaves your restaurant. The customer has little recourse once they get home, other than to grumble on social media and Yelp! about how you messed up their order.

Convenient Location – 56%.  You might not be able to change your restaurant’s address, but you can make sure the takeout counter is easily accessible, rather than have customers wade through the waiting area and be held up by dine-in patrons.

Food is prepared quickly – 48%.  Make sure your projection times for pickup and delivery are accurate. One of the reasons folks order and pay online is so they can walk in and walk out – without waiting for the order to be completed.

Food remains the optimum temperature – 43%.  Use takeout packaging from materials that keep cold things cold and warm things warm, duh.

Portion sizes are the same as when dining in – 42%.  Presentation is everything.  It may be the same, but if it doesn’t look the same, people will remember.  Choose your container sizes carefully.

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