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What’s Important for Takeout

By February 28, 2012 January 24th, 2019 No Comments

With any takeout or delivery order, it’s important not only to get the order processed efficiently and accurately, but to also guard against committing the errors that irritate customers most often.

Last month, QSR Magazine published an article about a study on takeout trends done by Techther. Among other things, it noted some of the biggest pet peeves consumers harbor when it comes to takeout:

  • Leaking food or liquids (52%)
  • Deterioration of food taste or freshness (49%)
  • Food that doesn’t stay hot or cold (46%)
  • Missing condiments (46%)

Another interesting piece of information: “About 60 percent of consumers also say that they are willing to pay more for takeout packaging made with sustainable materials. Trends toward sustainable, recyclable materials for takeout containers are taking shape at several major restaurant brands.”

As you operate your takeout and/or delivery business, consider the above findings.  NetWaiter is all about providing your customers the most convenient and enjoyable way to order.  As long as you give the customer what they want, they are happy to pay for it.  Make sure a customer’s online takeout experience is finished nicely by avoiding these costly errors.


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