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The onset of summer brings a unique opportunity to use NetWaiter to get more customers into your restaurant, at minimal expense.

With longer, warmer evenings, towns across the country have free movie night and free music night at local parks and other venues. Some of these events draw hundreds of people , even thousands. They bring dinner, spread out a blanket and enjoy the evening.

Locate these events in your market. They typically start with the end of school and are held weekly for four to eight weeks. On the first evening, blanket every windshield in the parking lot and surrounding streets with flyers advertising your NetWaiter online ordering capabilities. Consider offering an event special for online orders–a free bucket of wings with every order over $30, or an offer that works with your menu.

“The trick is to get customers familiar with your online capabilities,” said Jared Shimoff, Sr. Director at NetWaiter. “Once you do this, they’ll surely find other uses for it. A thousand flyers at the beginning of the summer, and paying some high school kids to distribute them, will give you customers for the rest of the year.”

Some of these events also offer sponsorships, including the opportunity to have a commercial read over the P.A. system during the event.  Every event is different. Explore the possibilities. Let us know how things go.

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