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Don’t overlook your wait staff as marketers.  The best way to spread the message of your online ordering system is through your employees.  Make sure they understand how it works and how convenient it is for customers.

Don’t forget to double check orders.  Online customers are your best customers – make sure their order is accurate.  With all of the information printed, there’s no excuse for overlooking the request for extra dressing.

Don’t forget to tell phone callers they can order online.  Some restaurants go so far to include messages about their NetWaiter site for customers that are on hold.

Don’t forget to post your QR Code.  All Smartphone users should be offered the ability to scan your QR code to link them directly to your mobile ordering site.

Don’t make your customers click around to start their order.  Place your “Order Online” button on your homepage, with one click access, so it’s visible at the top of your site, without the need to scroll.

If you don’t have online ordering from NetWaiter, don’t go another day without it.  You’re missing out on valuable sales.  Takeout customers look for convenience.  If you’re not offering it, customers are going elsewhere.

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