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Research from the National Restaurant Association indicates that technology, including restaurant online ordering, is playing a larger role in how restaurants attract more customers and cater to their ever-increasing need for convenience.

A quick look at the research reveals that:

    36% of customers say they are more likely to use technology options in restaurants than they were two years ago.
    65% have noticed that restaurants offer more of these options.
    8 in 10 consumers agree that restaurant technology enhances convenience.  (That’s a significant amount!_
    7 in 10 say it speeds up service and increases order accuracy.
    About one-third say that technology options compel them to choose one restaurant over another.
    About one-third also say that technology options cause them to order takeout and delivery more often.

And interestingly enough,
    45% say that technology makes interacting with restaurants more fun.

These are huge numbers, especially considering how much of a margin-driven business the restaurant and food industry is.  Every little bit makes a difference, and online ordering matters a whole lot!

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