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REDLANDS, CA – Restaurants can now include a customer loyalty program with their online ordering platform, thanks to a recent release by NetWaiter, a premier online ordering system for restaurants.

NetWaiter’s new loyalty program is integrated with the NetWaiter online ordering system. Restaurants can activate and monitor it from their Management Console. It was designed to be the most beneficial loyalty system available and is easy to set up and manage.

The loyalty program makes earning and redeeming rewards simple.  Tracking loyalty credits is automatic and, once enabled by a restaurant, customers automatically earn loyalty rewards with each order.  There is no need for customers to opt-in to a new program and they don’t have to provide any additional information.

Customers can immediately see their loyalty balance increase as they order, and after they reach the minimum redemption amount, the system gives them the option to redeem their loyalty rewards with a single click.

Restaurants can enable their loyalty system by establishing a loyalty rate for each order and a minimum redemption value customers need to meet before redeeming their loyalty balance.  By setting a minimum redemption amount, customers are motivated to order again and again until they can redeem their earned loyalty.

As an example, if a restaurant sets a 10% loyalty rate and a $5 minimum redemption value, customers will accumulate a 10% reward on each order and be eligible to redeem their loyalty balance after they accumulate $5 in loyalty rewards.  So, after ordering $50, they could redeem $5 off their next order.

Restaurants can view their loyalty program data in their NetWaiter Management Console.  The loyalty program is tracked as a whole and at the customer level.  Restaurants also have the flexibility to add or subtract value to a customer’s loyalty account.  This gives restaurant managers the ability to add or subtract loyalty credits for offline purchases.

“There is a large untapped audience of restaurant customers who would use a good loyalty program if a restaurant had one,” said Jared Shimoff, Senior Director at NetWaiter. “A 2015 Technomic study revealed that more than 90% of consumers would likely take advantage of a loyalty program if their favorite restaurant offered one.”

Premium NetWaiter customers can access their loyalty program directly from their Management Console at no additional charge.

NetWaiter provides restaurants fully branded online ordering systems, allowing customers to order takeout and delivery from any web-enabled device.  Additionally, NetWaiter operates myNetWaiter, a site for visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their favorite places.  For more information about NetWaiter, contact (866) 638-9248, or visit

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