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It’s no surprise that it’s the holiday season.  The big sales, endless carols, and countless commercials for the Snuggie® would have tipped you off if you hadn’t looked at your calendar recently.

Another nice thing about the holiday season: office meetings.  Office meetings are common this time of year as company employees collaborate to finish projects for 2010 and start planning for 2011.  This makes it a perfect time to take advantage of large takeout orders during lunch.

A Few Tips:
1)    Make sure your guests are aware that your restaurant is PERFECT for lunch orders.  Put up a sign, have employees tell customers in-person, and send out emails.  December and January are great months to take advantage of these orders, so continue promoting them into 2011.
2)    Try offering a discount for large orders.  For instance, setup a discount offer (either a percentage or fixed amount) for lunch orders that are $50 or more.
3)    You can also try offering a free item that is good for sharing OR a complimentary dessert for the group if they order above a certain amount.  (A dozen cookies will ALWAYS be well received by a group of employees.)

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