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“We are very pleased to have online ordering with NetWaiter at The Sub and Pizza.  Our online orders have seen an increase of over 30%, versus phone orders and in-person orders.  NetWaiter should be called “the silent salesperson who up sells”.

At the beginning, I was very scared of the new Order Online concept.  I did not know what to expect, although I knew it was going to be beneficial to our business. But NetWaiter took me by the hand, taught me everything I should know, and how to take advantage of the new system.  I never felt I was left behind in the advances of technology.  It was a very smooth and easy transition.  In other words – I should have had NetWaiter Online Ordering years ago.

Thank you again for your guidance and for having a lot of patience.  By the way, my wife is very pleased with the results coming from NetWaiter’s online ordering system.  She, being happy, is one less thing that I have to worry about.”


Warm regards,
Jose Davila
The Sub and Pizza


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