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These days, restaurants can have a tough time keeping up with the ever-changing food industry. The increase in the usage of digital technology has left many businesses in the dust.

Whether it’s grocery delivery apps or meal kits, the food-service industry has seen plenty of changes in the past few years. But there’s no need for your restaurant to stay behind the times, especially when it comes to creating a better experience for your customers.

That’s where point-of-sale systems come in. And you’ll be thankful that they do.

Point-of-sale systems are an excellent addition to any restaurant’s setup. Their focus on payment processing and workflow efficiency mean that your restaurant will start to see improvements to both its service and your customers’ experiences in no time.

But it’s not enough to just see the big picture of what a POS system can offer your restaurant. Rather, you need to understand what features work together to create a standout POS experience.  

With this in mind, you’ll want a POS system that empowers your team to: :

    1. Customize your customer experience
    1. Improve workflow with your employees
    1. Benefit from new online features
    1. Offer seamless delivery service
  1. Create a customer database

These features can make a huge difference in the management of your restaurant, not to mention the improved customer experiences that happen because of them.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at these great ways to upgrade your restaurant’s service with a POS today!

1. Customize your customer experience

Plenty of restaurants use digital technology to make their bookkeeping and management more efficient, but fewer use digital technology to make the customer’s experience smoother

Using a newer POS system with up-to-date features, like kiosks and mobile POS systems, allows your restaurant to customize the ordering and payment experience for each customer. You’ll find that the increased efficiency and personalized process will be much appreciated on the customer’s end.

Check out Lavu’s restaurant POS, with its mobile POS and POS kiosks, for a great idea of what to look for in a good POS system. The best POS platforms allow you to:

    1. Streamline your menu navigation. Point-of-sale systems can offer diverse and interactive menus that allow your customer an ease of navigation that you just can’t get with print menus. This helps your staff especially if you restaurant has a large menu.
    1. Use preset tip amounts. Make life easier for your service staff by including preset tip amounts in your POS system. This will mean that it’s almost impossible to undertip, and customers are more inclined to tip more if they understand how the preset amounts correspond with percentages.
  1. Create a personable ordering experience. Modern POS systems can add a level of personal depth to the ordering experience by helping your customer with cutting-edge menus, mobile ordering and booking, and smooth payment processing.

These ideas are just a few ways that a POS system can make your customers’ ordering experience a deeper and more enjoyable. Use them as soon as possible and watch the change in your customer satisfaction!

2. Improve workflow with your employees

It’s easy to make mistakes in a restaurants, no matter what your job. However, when you make a mistake in food service, it can be very costly.

Point-of-sale systems eliminate a wide range of potential errors by improving employee communication. You’ll find these improvements can make a huge difference in restaurant workflow, especially between your front-of-house and your kitchen.

Using a bar pos can eliminate many common errors involved in managing drink orders or seating customers or setting tip amounts.

If you begin to upgrade your restaurant’s ordering system to a point-of-sale system, you will see amazing results like:

    1. Faster order processing. With POS systems, taking orders is faster and easier for the staff, and ordering becomes simpler for the customers. This means no more long lines and frustrated customers.
    1. Effective communication between front-of-house and kitchen. An important but often neglected issue of restaurant workflow is how your front-of-house staff and kitchen staff communicate. You’ll find that clerical errors or confusion are significantly reduced when you allow a POS to keep track of orders.
  1. Less space for error.  If you upgrade yourself to a point-of-sale system, then most of the wasteful labor created by booking errors, ordering mixups, and simple mistakes will quickly become a thing of the past. You’d be surprised how much time is lost to correcting simple errors, and how much time a point-of-sale system can save with its high-level efficiency.

If these sound like great reasons to upgrade to a point-of-sale system, you’re not alone. Make life easier on your staff by implementing one as soon as possible.

3. Benefit from new online features

Online purchasing and integration is an excellent way to improve your customer’s experience.

Most modern POS setups offer an effortless combination with your restaurant’s online ordering process, or with their own new online features, can even add certain improvements to the online experience as a whole.

A coffee shop POS, for example, can integrate with your cafe’s online gift programs to offer loyal customers a thank-you for their service.

So consider all the amazing things that a POS system can do for your restaurant’s online presence. It can:

    1. Improve your branding. Point-of-sale systems offer new ways for your restaurant to include its branding. You’ll find this stimulates an indirect improvement in your restaurant’s quality and experience.
    1. Upgrade your payment processing. This point comes into play especially when your customers are ordering online. POS systems can allow for automated payment processing which makes ordering from your restaurant online a breeze.
  1. Combine with apps: Apps are a fantastic way to increase customer interest, especially when combined with usage of a POS system. Anything from delivery apps to food review apps can be combined with your usage of a POS system to make your restaurant’s experience more enjoyable.

So take advantage of these suggestions and use a point-of-sale system to make your restaurant’s online features the best they can be.

4. Offer seamless delivery service

Delivery is the hallmark feature of many quality restaurants, and it can often be what sets your restaurant apart from the rest.

But when it comes to delivery, it is especially important to offer quick and reliable service for the satisfaction of your customers.

When using a POS system for delivery you save valuable time and effort for both your management and employees by streamlining the ordering process.

For example, using a pizza pos system for your pizza delivery service can foster multiple areas for improvement in your restaurant’s delivery system. A great delivery system with a point-of-sale system can:

    1. Lower delivery times. Less time on the phone means more time can be spent devoted to making the food. Not to mention how ordering food online can be an easier experience with less room for error involved than calling for delivery.
    1. Maximize your employee’s time. Answering phones and interacting with delivery drivers takes valuable time away from your management and service staff. Use a POS system to streamline the delivery process and allow your employees more time for important tasks.
  1. Make room for more potential orders. Putting a customer on hold can be the difference between getting another order and losing one. Even using older online ordering systems can frustrate customers. With an up-to-date POS you can field multiple orders with minimal effort from the customer, leading to a better time for everybody all around.

These are all great reasons to combine a point-of-sale system with your delivery service. So take advantage of digital technology and use a POS system to improve your deliveries.

5. Create a customer database

Keeping track of data you’ve obtained from your customers is good practice for any business, but it can be especially helpful when it comes to running a restaurant.

Once you observe different trends in your customer’s behaviors over time, you can begin to adjust your restaurant’s marketing and service accordingly, leading to smarter management and a higher likelihood of increased profits.

When you start integrating a POS system into your restaurant’s workflow, you’ll find that you can use the data you’ve gathered from your customers to improve anything from your menu to your marketing strategies. The importance of this kind of information can’t be underestimated.

So keep in mind that when considering upgrading to a POS system, a great one can help you:

    1. Take care of return customers. Maintaining a customer database through your POS can improve the experience for repeat customers. You can save some time and hassle and also can use it to recognize customers who have coupons or gift cards.
    1. Improve your marketing strategies. You can use the data gathered through your point-of-sale system to orient your restaurant’s marketing strategies towards the people who are actually buying your food. This allows for smarter marketing and a better assessment of how effective your restaurant is in reaching its target demographic.
  1. Increase customer satisfaction. Collecting data on your customer’s preferences shows care and attention on your part. It can be a very important element of creating a fun and enjoyable restaurant experience.

Lavu’s POS system allows you to create a customer database for your future order with relative ease.

Point-of-sale systems aren’t difficult to understand. And with smart usage of your POS system, you can start to see an effective change in your business in no time.

With a great point-of-sale system behind, your service staff will be more efficient, and your customers will be happier. That means your restaurant provides higher quality service year-round.

Author Bio

This article was contributed by Saleem Khatri from Lavu, the world’s leading mobile POS for restaurants and bars. Saleem Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Lavu. Saleem has a “founders mentality”, with a track record of working with high-growth software companies. He is a rare breed of someone who is both a hands-on leader and a strategic visionary and brings with him a myriad of inspiration, technical acumen, and a passion for our products, services, and customers. Prior to Lavu, Saleem successfully launched software and hardware products at start-ups via Y Combinator and managed a $79 billion investment portfolio on behalf of the United States Department of the Treasury. Saleem earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School and his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan — Ann Arbor.

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