Net More With NetWaiter.


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  • Custom Ordering Site
  • Facebook Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Promotional System
  • Birthday Marketing System
  • Loyalty Program
  • Broadcast Hub
  • Custom Mobile Site
  • Advanced Ordering
  • Group Ordering
  • Direct Payment Integration
  • NetWaiter Management Console
  • Hosted Service
  • Customer Support
Includes: Enhanced Premium
General Settings – Address, Contact Info, etc.
Restaurant Info – Type, Specific Offerings (i.e. Happy Hour, Catering, etc.)
Delivery Info – Set Delivery Area and Minimum Delivery Amounts
General Hours – List your Pickup and Delivery Hours
Holiday Hours – Identify Holidays you are Closed
Custom NetWaiter URL
Custom QR Code
Site Design Controls – Customize Your Site
Menu Controls – Display and Manage Your Menu (Categories, Items, Options, Pictures)
Linked to Google
Broadcast Hub – Send Messages, Updates, and Promotions to Local Customers
Online and Mobile Ordering – Fully Branded Online and Mobile Ordering
Online Ordering and Menu Linked to the NetWaiter Network
Full Marketing Suite – Promotional System, Birthday Promotions, Email Marketing, Loyalty System, and More
Reporting – Sales Dashboard, Order Activity, Menu Stats, Detailed Customer Profiles, and More
Starting at $100/Month


Net More With NetWaiter

• Premium Sites: Zero service fees charged on the first $2,000/month. Amounts above $2,000 are charged as little as 1%.
• Optional full custom setup: $195 (for most menus)
• Inquire about a Free custom setup
• Enhanced Sites: Activation is Free if currently listed on the NetWaiter Network.
Find out if your restaurant is listed on the NetWaiter Network.
• Upgrade your site/account for a full suite of premium features including online and mobile ordering.

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NetWaiter is not a portal. It’s a Network.

Compare NetWaiter to Multiple-Restaurant Sites (a.k.a. Restaurant Portals) as a GrubHub or Seamless alternative.
“Once they found a restaurant they liked, nearly half of the consumers on multiple-restaurant sites (47.1%) said they then clicked over to the restaurant’s own website to order.”
— Cornell Hospitality Report

Branded Ordering Site

Your NetWaiter site is fully branded to your restaurant. Don’t get lost in the crowd.

Receive Direct/Instant Payment

With NetWaiter, you can charge your customers directly and receive your money instantly. With a portal, they charge your customers and you have to wait for payment.

Easy Menu Updates

With NetWaiter, you can make changes easily, 24/7. Most portals, on the other hand, require you to email them any changes and you wait for them to be completed.

Management Console

The NetWaiter Management Console allows you to view customer stats, orders, and track your success. Most portals don’t offer this access.


With NetWaiter, you pay as little as 1% on the orders facilitated to your business. A portal will charge you a minimum of 10%, but it’s usually between 14% and 20%.

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