Link Your Restaurant Ordering System To NetWaiter


Embedded Online Ordering


If your online restaurant ordering provider is a member of the NetWaiter Network, you can embed your ordering system into the NetWaiter Network to increase your exposure with local customers.

NetWaiter can help your restaurant increase their local marketing opportunities to reach more customers. The following is an overview of the items needed to integrate an online ordering system into a unique NetWaiter site.

Member Checklist:

API Access

o Ability to search and match your locations with sites already on the NetWaiter Network

o Ability to track orders/visits that originate from NetWaiter

o Ability to query new/deleted locations on your platform

o View More Details


Responsive iFrame Capabilities

Responsive iFrame capabilities to display the menu and ordering process of each location for customers to order online.

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For more information about integrating your online restaurant ordering system into NetWaiter, please contact us at [email protected] Your restaurants can leverage NetWaiter’s platform and integrated marketing features for Free, while receiving online orders directly through your system.