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myNetWaiter Network allows customers to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their Favorite places. Find out if your restaurant is part of the network here.

  • Communicate with thousands of local customers for Free.
  • Use our integrated marketing platform to post messages on myNetWaiter, social media sites, and other restaurant sites in your area.



myNetWaiter allows visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their +Favorite places. Customers can visit their personalized myNetWaiter site daily to learn what’s new with restaurants in their area.

You can use your NetWaiter site to communicate with thousands of local customers – post updates, display menu items, offer promotions, and more. It’s FREE to activate your site and super easy to use.

Over 308,000 restaurant locations are listed on the myNetWaiter Network, allowing millions of customers to connect with their favorite local restaurants, which means your restaurant can find new customers and grow.

Social Widget

NetWaiter’s integrated Social Widget is a dynamic tool that allows you to easily communicate information to customers on multiple platforms. Link your Social Widget to your restaurant’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to simultaneously post one message to multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, your individual NetWaiter site, and myNetWaiter. It’s the easiest way to post real-time updates and announcements regarding daily specials, upcoming events, menu changes, and promotions.

QR Codes

NetWaiter has configured a unique QR Code for every restaurant on the NetWaiter Network. When customers scan your restaurant’s QR Code, they will be immediately directed to your mobile NetWaiter site.


Management Console

At any time, you can access your NetWaiter Management Console to view and control your menu, settings, order history, and much more. In addition, your Management Console provides you access to multiple marketing features such as our Email Marketing System, Promotional System, Loyalty System, and Birthday Marketing System.

“It’s like Facebook, Yelp, Online Marketing, and Online Ordering – all rolled into one package. It’s awesome!”

– Ryan B.

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