Premium Online Ordering
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Online and mobile ordering with a NetWaiter site custom-branded to your restaurant.

In today’s environment, online ordering is critical for restaurants.  It’s not an option – it’s essential.  Customers demand the convenience and control that online and mobile ordering provides.  If you don’t offer it, they will order from the restaurant next door.

Even though there are a variety of options, choosing an online ordering system should be simple.

Some providers, like restaurant portals, throw your restaurant on a list and charge huge fees to process orders.  Other providers, like NetWaiter, offer ordering sites that are specifically configured to a restaurant and their customers.  If your restaurant has a website, you need your own custom branded NetWaiter online ordering site.

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While deciding which online ordering system is right for your restaurant, some important things to consider include:


What type of restaurant are you and what type of customers do you have?

If your restaurant is well established or strives to be, you want a system that offers the level of service you expect and need.  Your customers expect great service and you need a system that can support their needs.

Is the system a true player in the restaurant industry?

As you know, the restaurant industry is one of the hardest industries to service.  Make sure your system has a proven track record.  There are plenty of companies that don’t know what they are doing and it shows.  In a constantly evolving industry, make sure your online ordering system can keep up.



Can your site be branded to your restaurant?

You want your brand to shine.  Don’t settle for an online ordering site that can’t be tailored to your restaurant.

Can you receive payments directly?

It’s your money – you should receive it directly and instantly.  If another company’s name shows up on your customer’s credit card statement and they send you money weeks later – you know there is a problem.



Can you login to make menu changes, view statistics, launch promotions, send marketing emails, etc?

Yes – you want a system that you control, not the other way around.

Is your system mobile?

It’s critical your branded online ordering system be mobile friendly.  Smartphone, tablet, or laptop – it shouldn’t matter how your customers order – it needs to work.


For all of the above factors, and many more, NetWaiter provides a unique solution that offers restaurants everything they need to run a successful online ordering business.

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“Our online orders continue to grow and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

-Casie C. (Greenz Restaurants)

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