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Are you trying to find a GrubHub alternative? Well, look no further because NetWaiter has you covered.

Using an online ordering system is a great way to increase revenue and keep customers coming back. But there are so many different options – GrubHub, Seamless, – how do you choose?

With NetWaiter you get the best of every service combined. Here is just a small selection of the many features you’ll get with NetWaiter:

  • Fully branded online menu.
  • Custom mobile site for customers who want to order on their phone.
  • Direct payment (unlike many online ordering companies such as GrubHub, which may hold your money for 30 days).
  • The ability to receive orders through Facebook.
  • Integrated marketing platform, including email marketing and a promotional system.
  • Membership to the NetWaiter Network, increasing your reach to thousands of new local customers.

If you’re sick of paying GrubHub’s exorbitant fees, then NetWaiter is the right choice for you. We have worked hard to become the number one alternative to GrubHub.

Learn more about how you can use NetWaiter to save money and offer customers a better ordering experience. Try us 100% risk free and contact us here.

“NetWaiter has added great value to my business. The service has been great and I highly recommend it.”

– Nicole P. (Asian Fusion)

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