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Dedicated Success Specialists

Your restaurant will receive a dedicated Success Specialist to help you maximize your online ordering revenue. Think of your Success Specialist as a personal ‘Online Ordering Sherpa’ to help your restaurant grow its takeout/delivery business. They’re also here to help you configure your settings, promotions, marketing emails, and much more.

Receive Payment Directly

NetWaiter facilitates orders and payments instantly and accurately. Unlike other ordering systems, NetWaiter sends online payments directly to your restaurant. Instead of waiting for a third-party to collect YOUR money and send you a monthly payment, you can have your online transactions sent directly to your existing merchant account.

Increase Revenue & Order Frequency

NetWaiter online orders are about 20% larger than typical phone orders. Plus, repeat business is dramatically higher due to the increased customer convenience.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are higher at restaurants that use NetWaiter. The convenience of ordering online and the accuracy of each order helps create happy customers. Happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers order more frequently.

Eliminate Order Errors

Your restaurant can start taking orders the same day you activate your account. Once you signup, you’ll have access to your NetWaiter Management Console to easily customize your menu, post pictures, and configure all of your settings. Or, you can have our design team customize your site and menu within 2-4 business days.



Fast Implementation

Your restaurant can start taking orders the same day you activate your account. Once you signup, you’ll have access to your NetWaiter Management Console to easily customize your menu, post item pictures, and configure all options and settings. Or, our design team can customize your site within 2-4 business days.

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Convenience and Control

The NetWaiter restaurant online ordering system has proven itself in customer approval and satisfaction as the most convenient way to place takeout and delivery orders. Customers love the convenience and control NetWaiter provides them while ordering online.



No Waiting On Hold or In Line

Eliminate customer frustration. With NetWaiter’s online restaurant ordering system, your customers don’t get put on hold if they call you and they aren’t forced to wait in line if they order at your restaurant. In addition, if a customer pays online, pickup or delivery is simple and fast.

Advanced Ordering

Allow your customers to order in advance. This is ideal for large orders or catering orders. You can manage your settings to allow customers to order a specific number of days in advance.

Group Ordering

Allow one customer to submit orders for an entire group. A ‘host’ can invite others to join a group, allowing each individual to make their own selections, and submit them as one order. It’s perfect for someone that wants to arrange an office lunch meeting.

Pay Online

With your NetWaiter site, customers can place and pay for their orders online. Customers also have the option to save their credit card information, making re-ordering a breeze. Online payment processing is optional. Please contact NetWaiter for more information.


View Nutritional Information

For “Build-Your-Own” items, such as salads. Our proprietary ‘On-The-Fly’ Nutritional Calculator allows customers to view the exact nutritional content of their item while ordering.

“NetWaiter has added great value to my business. The service has been great and I highly recommend it.”

– Nicole P. (Asian Fusion)

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