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It’s a question restaurant owners often encounter from employees.  Here is what we have found at NetWaiter:

  1.  Activate the tip field on your restaurant’s online ordering site so customers can leave tips when they enter their payment information.  This makes it simple for customers to leave a tip, and simultaneously benefits your employees.
  2. For online ordering, tipping is done in advance, so it’s important employees live up to (and exceed) the customer’s expectations after they tip.  Since one of the principal benefits of ordering online is customer convenience, it’s important to follow through with that expectation.  The extra TLC is remembered when the customer receives their order and it can impact tips on future orders.
  3. By and large, takeout customers make their decision for takeout/delivery BEFORE they choose the restaurant.  Using NetWaiter, your restaurant is better positioned to win the next question: What restaurant should we choose?  So, not only is online ordering good for business, it’s good for employee relations because it provides them an opportunity to earn tips from orders that might have been placed at a different restaurant.


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