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Using NetWaiter to Build Your Catering Business

By December 12, 2012 January 24th, 2019 No Comments

There are many local businesses and offices – accounting agencies, real estate companies, non-profit groups, law firms, etc. – that bring in catered meals on a regular basis.

Whether it’s a board meeting, an extended client session, or employee luncheon – it’s often desirable for them to have it catered in.

The receptionist or administrative assistant is often responsible for placing these types of orders.  Make sure these local businesses (and their office assistants) know your restaurant offers online ordering.  Once they experience the ease and convenience of ordering online, they will return again and again.

Andrea Snyder of Urban Cookhouse, with multiple locations in Alabama, says that online ordering results in larger orders, especially at the catering level.  “When these large orders come in via telephone, customers often try to negotiate, which cuts into our profit margin.  Catering orders coming in online, however, obviously bypass that process.  The customers are happy to trade saving a few dollars for the convenience NetWaiter provides them.”

Make sure your local businesses know your restaurant is the best bet (and most convenient) for their catering needs!


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