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One of the benefits to using a fully branded online ordering system, like NetWaiter, is that you have full control of the customer relationship.  You can collect and access customer information, and communicate with those customers on a regular, ongoing basis, further developing the relationship. Here are a few suggestions to consider when creating email campaigns for your restaurant:

Single Call-To-Action.  Instead of presenting customers with several choices, focus each email on a single goal. Do you want to highlight new menu items? Are you sending out a promotion? Are you announcing an upcoming event? Keep the email simple, with one call-to-action, and your success rate will be the highest.

Use Photos. This is especially true if you’re highlighting menu items in your email. Pictures tell the story better than words. With NetWaiter, you can simply insert any image you already have posted on your website, making it easy for you to share with customers.

Timing. Sending timely emails when customers are likely making their lunch or dinner plans can be a fantastic strategy to increase conversions. For lunch, the optimum time tends to be between 9:30am and 11:00am. Get your message in front of a customer when their stomach is asking their brain, “What’s next?”. For the dinner crowd, try sending emails between 3:00pm and 4:30pm, before a customer has finalized their plans.

Monitor Frequency. Be judicious with respect to your email frequency. Abusing a customer’s inbox may cause them to opt-out of your emails.  With regards to email frequency, the golden rule certainly applies:  do unto others what you would want done to you.

Segment Your Emails. Consider segmenting your customers – people that haven’t ordered in 14 days, people that frequently order, people that always order a specific item, or even people that order Pickup vs. Delivery. This will allow you to customize your message more.

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