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You regularly send out messages to your social media followers – Facebook and Twitter – about news, deals, restaurant online ordering, takeout, and other general information about your restaurant. But how do you know that your messages are effective, and you’re not just throwing meaningless content out there?

Here are a few tips:

Maintain your brand voice. Whatever your brand image, make sure you keep it consistent. It’s who you are – don’t deviate from your image.

Watch what gets action. If you see spikes in comments, likes, or sharing and retweeting, then you have hit a nerve with your audience. Did you get a lot of action when you posted info about your new recyclable takeout containers? Or, something simple like Taco Tuesday? If so, that’s important to your audience.

Include photos and video. People look before they read. Photos of attractive dishes, a video of the final preparation of a menu item, or just your chef slicing onions faster than the eye can see. All are interesting to the social media follower.

Keep an ear out for oversaturation. There is such a thing as too much. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. You don’t want to annoy people.

And for Twitter only…

Pin important Tweets. This makes sure it stays at the top of your profile. Do this to attract attention to special offers and information that you don’t want your followers to miss.

Request a retweet. Ask specific folks to help spread the word about your restaurant and let them magnify your voice.

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