Excluding the pizza industry, restaurant delivery orders have increased 33% since 2012. If your restaurant is evaluating delivery, here’s some information to consider:

  • Apps for delivery can be overrated. 78% of active delivery customers used the telephone at least once to place an order, 51% ordered through a restaurant’s website at least once, and only 15% used a restaurant’s mobile app.
  • For millennial-aged customers, mobile app usage was the highest, but only at a rate of 19%.

Customer motivations for ordering delivery:

  • The top two occasions for ordering delivery were “dinner at home” (81%) and “lunch at home” (65%).
  • Of the reasons cited for ordering: 52% said they didn’t feel like going out for the meal, 31% didn’t have time to cook, and another 22% said they didn’t have time to go out.
  • Lack of transportation was also an issue that came up for younger users.

Top reasons for not ordering delivery:

  • 38% said delivery charges were the top reason they didn’t order delivery more often. $3.35 was the average delivery charge consumers classified as “reasonable.” The highest delivery charge these customers would “consider” was $4.74.
  • Younger consumers indicated a willingness to pay more for delivery.
  • 30% said that delivery takes too long. 30 minutes was the average amount of time cited as a reasonable amount of time to wait. A wait time of 51 minutes or longer was considered unreasonable.

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