A popular marketing vehicle used by restaurants is the limited time offer, or LTO.

Typically, LTOs are special menu items or offerings made available for a short period, often offered in unison with a holiday or celebration of some sort.  These opportunities work especially well with online ordering.

NetWaiter has assembled a list of non-holiday events that are great for online ordering LTOs:

  •  Do you have a local minor league baseball team, or a major league team for that matter? Offer a combination of foods for a pre-game tailgate party.  You can set the offer to be available after a certain time on game day.
  • The Saturday wedding special – a bag of sandwiches for the groom and groomsmen, or finger foods for the bride and her bridesmaids as they get ready.
  • Do local parks offer summer evening movies or concerts?  Customers can order dinner online and pick it up on the way.

NetWaiter and limited time offers – a combination that can help your bottom line.  Develop your offering and use the NetWaiter Management Console to email it to your database of online customers.


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