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In past articles, we’ve discussed the benefits of using photos on your NetWaiter menu.  Now there is another reason to show photos, and this is especially pertinent for tablet and mobile users.

As reported in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, if you touch something you like, you’ll want it more. It might also explain, in terms of dollars, why online orders tend to be larger than phone-in orders.

When a customer holds something in their hands, they imagine themselves in control.  They get a sense of ownership.  Research has found this to be true even on touchscreen devices, where the viewer has some control.  Customers don’t handle the food in your restaurant before deciding to order, but the ability to touch an image or menu item on a handheld device or tablet gives them a sense of ownership and control.  It precipitates that thought of, “Yeah, I want to order this.”

All the more reason to drop in as many photos as you can of your menu items.  Customers will feel as if they are holding and touching the actual item.  Pay attention to the quality of the photography, too. Other studies show that the sense of ownership is enhanced when the photography is particularly vivid.

NetWaiter and Photos: a winning combination for larger orders and a healthy bottom line.


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