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Most concerns about takeout containers come down to: 1) The container keeping the food at an ideal temperature for a reasonable amount of time (long enough to get it home and on a customer’s table); 2) The container not leaking; and 3) The container keeping the food intact (an item should look similar to how it is served in the restaurant).

A recent study, however, revealed some additional considerations for takeout containers.

  • 46% of takeout customers eat their food directly from the takeout container.
  • 44% indicated that it is important to them that they can store leftovers in the original packaging.
  • 40% indicated that it is important that they can reheat leftovers in the original packaging.

While none of the numbers cited here represent a majority, they do indicate a sizable chunk of takeout customers, which is a group you want to keep happy (because they tend to be your most loyal customers).  Things to consider:

  1. Customers expect restaurants to offer packaging that is versatile.  They don’t look at the packaging simply as a delivery vehicle.
  2. Let customers know that your packaging can be used for storage and reheating.  That added information will go a long way and give them positive thoughts about your restaurant for as long as they use the packaging.  A simple note with each takeout/delivery order will grab their attention.


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