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The advantages of online ordering are undisputed.  Customers love the convenience and accuracy.  You love that you can sell more meals without the added traffic in your restaurant.

So how do you encourage your customers to order more online?  Here are some simple steps you can take to make the online option more appealing.

Make the Order Online button more visible on your website.  We at NetWaiter are forever amazed at restaurants that require you to click through two or three screens before there is anything that tells the customer they can order online.  That button should be on your homepage, preferably at the top so the client does not have to scroll down.

A call-to-action.  Something as simple as, “Order Now!” is enough to get folks to click on the button. Maybe enclose it in a blinking star – the web is so distracting that sometimes you need some extra pizzazz to call attention to the otherwise obvious.  If you want to get serious, you can add a discount offer – 50% off your second dessert when you order online.

Offer curbside service.  For some people there is only one thing better than walking into a restaurant and picking up an order ready to go – pulling up to the restaurant and having them bring it out to them.  They don’t even have to get out of the car.  Allow the customer to enter their vehicle description when placing the order.

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