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Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue spreading the love through the weekend and beyond! With Valentine’s Day being the second busiest day for restaurants in America, extend the celebration to customers using some quick marketing tips that show your customers you love them (and why they should love you back!)

Alert Customers via Push Notifications

Most days, customers are glued either to their cell phones or laptops. Right now, 91% of adults own a cell phone. Having access to a tool that allows you to take advantage of this user habit is ideal. By signing in to your NetWaiter Management Console, you can send push notifications via your Broadcast Hub to quickly notify customers about a special deal. With this week having Valentine’s Day on a weekday and some customers wanting to celebrate through the weekend, it would be a good time to post a quick 2-for-1 deal. A push notification will alert customers about the special “lovely” deal by encouraging couples to snuggle up, watch the Olympics, and order in. The alert will go directly to customers via their computers and mobile phones as soon as you make a post using your Broadcast Hub.

Send Your Customers a Targeted Email

To give a quick boost over the weekend, reach out to customers that order from you the most. If you haven’t done so before, try using NetWaiter’s Email Marketing feature to target customers that frequently order. It’s possible they were already planning to order from your restaurant over the weekend, but just in case they were on the fence, an email could give them the little push they need to commit to the relationship (see what we did there???).

A member from the NetWaiter team would be happy to assist you in maximizing this feature.

Having the ability to directly target customers specific to your business gives you the chance to generate more orders because of the increased likelihood they will order on the spot. In fact, according to Eater, data shows that couples prefer international Valentine dishes instead of a traditional American meal. Dinners for singles, though, are indulgent, fatty, and completely satisfying for the holiday. One order of loaded nachos, with a side of chili cheese fries – coming up!

Create a Weekend Discount

Have fun with this being the week/weekend of love. Does your menu have some sweet treats? Offer the item at a discount so customers can add that item to their original order. You can even consider requiring a minimum order amount for customers to be eligible to add-on the dessert. They might not have been planning for that unnecessary chocolate chip cookie or brownie, however, after sharing a meal with someone else or maybe dining alone, people always love something a little sweet and would look forward to a good piece of chocolate to dive into. This is a great way of showing customers how much you appreciate their business. Another alternative – create a 20% promo customers are only able to use this weekend.

Have Fun with the Season

With a NetWaiter account, you have control over your brand. Why not do a quick customization of your online ordering site to go with the “feel the love” theme? Having the ability to quickly change your images yourself for any occasion provides a realness and authenticity to your restaurant’s brand.

Choose some reds, pinks, or whatever festive colors might suit you to get into the loving spirit:

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