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It’s no surprise that major restaurant chains in the U.S. were lobbying the NFL and the NFL Players Association to end the lockout that threatened the football season this fall and winter. Restaurants popular with the football clientele were anticipating same month sales to be off a minimum of 10% to 15%. Some were predicting as high as 40%.

But with the season starting this month, it’s time for restaurants to gear up to attract the football crowd, and remind customers that ordering online through NetWaiter means a minimum of time away from their big screen television.

You can do this a number of ways:

  1. Work with your employees and start a narrative with customers.       Football fans love to talk about game day plans. Make sure they get the message from the wait staff that NetWaiter can make their pickup or delivery that much easier.
  2. Brag about your online ordering site in signage and other point-of-purchase opportunities – table tents, signage at the cash register, your website, and even in the restrooms. Make sure that everywhere your customers are, they know about your online ordering site.
  3. Promote online ordering specials. What are the offerings you have that are especially suited for football viewing? Hot chicken wings, stuffed potato peels and pizza are all popular this time of year. Can you offer a complimentary appetizer with each order of $40 or more? Get creative!
  4. Update your advertising. Do you run regular ads? Do you have a billboard around the corner? How about radio spots during football programing or sports shows? Make sure all these messages include online ordering for the football season.

Football season is a great business opportunity for many restaurants, and also a time to increase customer awareness about online ordering. Long after the season is over, customers will still be bringing in extra sales with the click of their mouse and your NetWaiter site.


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