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Restaurant Hospitality released their predictions on 11 trends that will impact restaurants in 2016. We picked a few to highlight for their potential impact on online ordering and marketing. 

Delivery: This is a trend that will continue, especially with the onset of so many third-party delivery services. Your goal is to get customers to come directly to you, rather than use a third-party delivery service that may not handle your food properly. You also get to maintain the customer relationship, rather than a third-party company.

It’s important that people know your delivery zones. Make sure they are properly configured with NetWaiter to show customers where your restaurant delivers.

Supermarkets: Supermarkets now sell everything from a bucket of chicken to fresh sushi. They are hoping to capture the attention of customers doing their normal shopping and sell them prepared meals to eat at home. To combat this trend, emphasize the convenience of online ordering, highlighting curbside service and/or delivery if available. A supermarket can’t replace the taste or quality of a restaurant meal and customers know this. Emphasizing the convenience of ordering from your restaurant will help balance the impact of this competition.

Food Quality: People are taking a more serious look at what’s in their food and where it comes from. The words fresh, natural, and organic need to be part of your menu descriptions. Also, consider using compostable takeout containers. They make the statement that you are committed to sustainability.

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