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Looking for an edge? Here are restaurant industry statistics that you’ll want to leverage in 2019.  


Social Media Ads

33% of restaurants are not paying for social media ads. Nobody is listening to the radio, watching TV, or reading newspapers anymore. People are YouTubing, scrolling feeds, and listening to internet radio. So if you want to catch their attention with your ads, you have to reach them digitally. As a result, social media platforms have emerged as the most effective way to do this. 

Billions of social media users and complete access to your target markets’ attention make social media marketing a must. From influencer marketing to paid ads, there is an affordable strategy for every business.


Manage negative reviews

Only 23% of restaurants directly reach out to customers who leave negative reviews online or in-person feedback

There is no way for your business to delete negative online reviews. The only way a negative review can be removed is if the original poster removes or changes it. So, if your restaurant receives bad reviews, the only chance it has to remove the review is to reach out directly to the unsatisfied customer and attempt to make amends.

In a lot of cases, a formal apology will suffice, at least to some extent. Offering the customer incentives to give you another chance to improve on your first performance is another option. In all cases, with 85% of consumers deferring to the internet before making purchases, and 35% of diners relying on online reviews to choose their restaurants, managing your online reputation is something every restaurant should take seriously. 


Eating out

39% of adults are not eating in-house at restaurants as much as they would like and 78% of millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences, like going to restaurants, over buying hard goods. 

People want to eat out and they want experiences, particularly those that they can post on social media to great effect. If you want to keep your venues full, be mindful that people are now looking to spend their money on experiences that look good on camera and make for exciting social media posts.

Curating your restaurant’s dining experience with that in mind will not only incentivize diners to choose your restaurant, but they will also end up doing a lot of your social media marketing for you!  


Quailty food

72% of diners place food quality over everything else when choosing a restaurant

A successful restaurant starts with good food. If your restaurant is failing, it is almost certainly because the food is not good enough for the price. When you eat something compelling, price no longer matters. So if your restaurant is struggling, I would start combating that by gathering feedback on your food from authorities in your niche and figuring out how you can improve your dining experience in your restaurant. 


We hope these restaurant industry statistics help your business flourish in 2019!


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