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A recent article from Nation’s Restaurant News provided some conflicting data about the health of the economy and the fate of upcoming Holiday restaurant sales.

Here at NetWaiter, we looked into our crystal ball and the answer we got was – “If the upcoming Holiday Season is going to be good for your restaurant, it’s because you worked hard and started planning early enough.”

Here are a few tips to help you work smarter:

  • Start Promoting Early – The Holiday Season can be busy for many people and offering them convenience during such a hectic time is really beneficial.  Consider posting signage to remind people your restaurant offers online ordering through their mobile device.  “Pick up dinner on the way home from the mall.”  Also, work with your wait staff to spread the word.  These tips help keep business coming in well after the Holidays.
  • Print Advertising – Do you have a regular ad in a local paper or magazine?  Make sure your custom online ordering site is part of the message.
  • A Little Motivation – What about a Free Appetizer or Dessert for online orders during the Holidays?  Try offering something special that you don’t offer any other time of the year.
  • Special Promotions – Launch an Email campaign letting customers know they can rely on your convenient takeout system during the Holidays.  Creating an online category for Special Holiday Promotions can also work great.

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