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It’s not too late to set your sights on the New Year.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to implement online ordering, or, if you’re already using it, evaluate and refine things for 2013.

Here are some considerations:

Developing a Takeout Strategy – Takeout customers are different than other customers.  They look for and expect different things.  Check out our July newsletter article for some information and tips to accommodate this segment.

Mobile Ordering is the New Frontier – According to Restaurant Hospitality, up to 30% of your website traffic comes from mobile devices.  That number will only climb, yet industry reports say that less than 5% of restaurants have a mobile-friendly site.

Don’t Violate Common Takeout Sins – Online ordering is a great tool for customer convenience and control, but that doesn’t mean your restaurant isn’t screwing up somewhere else in the process.  Do you violate any of the common problems associated with takeout?

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