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As you know, the “if you build it, they will come” strategy for marketing your restaurant is not the ideal way to maximize profits.  There is a little more to it.  Here are some tips to developing an online strategy for your business:

Takeout Customers are Different than Dine-in Customers.  Dine-in customers enjoy the ambiance and the ability to relax.  Takeout customers look for accuracy, convenience, and quality.  They want to get in and get out with as little fuss as possible.  What can your restaurant do to ensure your takeout customers have optimum convenience?

The Takeout Lunch Crowd is Huge.  Many people like to pick-up a quick lunch so they can take it back to their office and continue working.  Office parks, large service employers, and others are gold mines for online ordering.  How can you promote your online takeout business to nearby offices?

Think Like a Takeout Customer.  We didn’t know we needed cell phones until we all bought one years ago.  Now we can’t live without them.  The same can be true for takeout.  Often times, after a customer places their first order online, they never call-in again.  Thankfully, this helps with restaurant efficiency.  How can you inform ‘phone-in’ customers about your online ordering site?

Realize the Growth of Mobile Ordering.  According to Cornell University, 60% of respondents between ages 18 and 34 ordered online – more than any other age group.  Younger respondents are also more likely to order via Smartphone (8%).  If the last figure does not impress you, bear in mind that study was published in March 2011.  Since then, mobile has gone crazy.  According to a May 2012 figure, released by the National Restaurant Association, 46% of those surveyed said they would order via Smartphone if available.  How does your restaurant accommodate customers with Smartphones?

Online and mobile ordering is a boost to business.  Realizing that online and mobile customers have different needs will allow your restaurant to reap the maximum benefit.  If you need help answering any of the above questions, NetWaiter can help.

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