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New features have come to NetWaiter, aimed at making the workflow in your restaurant smoother, and enhancing the customer experience.

New Order Dashboard – Any manager or employee at your restaurant can now see orders as they arrive on any device.  The new Order Dashboard is compatible with all computers, tablets, and smartphones.  New orders flash on the screen until the information has been viewed.  An audible chime can also be played to alert the staff.  Simply click to view the order details and print it to an attached printer, if desired.  Access to the new Order Dashboard is possible from the Dashboard section of the NetWaiter Management Console.

New Quick-Print Application – NetWaiter recently released an upgrade to the Quick-Print App that provides restaurants instantaneous order printouts.  Included in those enhancements is the ability to use one Quick-Print App for more than one account.  For instance, if your restaurant has a catering business in addition to your regular takeout/delivery menu, orders from both sites can be sent to the same Quick-Print App.

Curbside Pickup Enhancements – Now it’s easier for a customer to enter their car information during the ordering process (assuming you offer Curbside Pickup).

New Promotion Code Options – Additional types of promotions are now available from the Promotions section of the Management Console.

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