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REDLANDS, CA – NetWaiter, a premier online ordering system for restaurants, has made additional enhancements to help restaurants optimize their delivery service.

Restaurants can now use NetWaiter to establish a minimum ticket size per delivery zone, thus better managing their delivery business and ensuring only larger deliveries are made to farther distances. Separate delivery fees per delivery zone have always been possible with NetWaiter, as well as the ability to customize a delivery time for each zone.

The delivery enhancement works in concert with the NetWaiter Network, advising customers which local restaurants offer delivery. Approximately 25% of the restaurants currently listed on the NetWaiter Network offer delivery. The collective delivery area from all of these restaurants is approximately 72,000 square miles.

The NetWaiter Network is NetWaiter’s new user-centric site that allows visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get daily updates from their favorite places. Currently, there are more than 230,000 restaurants listed on the NetWaiter Network, mostly independent restaurants, small chains, and regional chains.

“Ordering delivery online has always been a preference for customers,” said David Liebers, a Lead Developer at NetWaiter. “Delivery draws a lot of business for a lot of restaurants and customers continue to demand it more and more.”

Restaurants that do not use NetWaiter’s online ordering platform can use NetWaiter’s delivery system for free. Restaurants can use the NetWaiter platform to show local customers exactly where they deliver via the NetWaiter Network.

NetWaiter provides restaurants fully branded online ordering systems, allowing customers to order takeout and delivery from any web-enabled device.  Additionally, NetWaiter operates the NetWaiter Network, a site for visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their favorite places. Restaurants listed on the NetWaiter Network can claim their site and use NetWaiter’s marketing tools by visiting or contact NetWaiter at (866) 638-9248 for more information.

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