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NetWaiter Adds Google +1

By August 22, 2011 January 24th, 2019 No Comments

If you did a Google search for “Google +1 for restaurants”, the first entry to come up is an article on talking about NetWaiter imbedding this new social media tool into client NetWaiter sites.

When a customer visits a restaurant’s NetWaiter site, they can click their Google +1 button, placing that restaurant on the customer’s Google profile as someplace they like and recommend. The Google +1 clicks can also improve their ranks in Google Search.

A June article in stated:  “Google’s hoping that +1’s integration in search results will make it an attractive option to publishers, which stand to gain more traffic when their visitors start ‘+1ing’ content.”  According to a Google blog post: “The next time your connections are searching, they could see your +1’s directly in their search results.” also mentions: “The biggest draw to Google+ is its potential to leverage every Google property, including Gmail, Maps, Places, Analytics, AdWords and Reader.”

The increased focus on social media of all types is pervasive.  NetWaiter was the first web-based online ordering system to offer Facebook integration and we continue to see social media as an area for growth and a powerful tool to drive more business to our clients.  Google +1 is an option that can provide referrals to NetWaiter clients and NetWaiter wants to capture that benefit.  As the Google +1 network expands, it promises to have a substantial impact on everyone using Google, including customers searching for restaurants.

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