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The most recent addition to the NetWaiter Network is the designation of restaurants that are considered Local Favorites, or restaurants known as a “Local Fave.”

The NetWaiter Network started rolling this new designation out across the country a few months ago, connecting customers with more than 250,000 independent and small-chain restaurants. Visitors use the NetWaiter Network to get updates from their favorite places, search for something new, or to find a restaurant that delivers to them. By selecting their favorite restaurants, visitors automatically get access to updates and promos from those locations.

Now, with the new Local Fave ribbon, a new visitor can see which locations are considered a local favorite. The blue ribbon is shown for restaurants when searching, and on a restaurant’s individual NetWaiter site. This makes it easy for visitors to see which restaurants in their area have a Local Fave status.

A Local Fave designation is given based on an algorithm that takes into account a spectrum of criteria, including how many people have clicked the restaurant’s “+Favorite” button, the number of times the restaurant’s page has been shared via social media, and traffic visiting the restaurant’s NetWaiter site. While the algorithm continues to evolve and learn, the Local Fave designation is entirely objective and cannot be purchased.

This new designation identifies a restaurant as one of the best in their area. Only the top 20% of restaurants in any particular area can be identified as a Local Fave.

Most customers have a group of local restaurants they patronize more than others and those loyal customers can generate the majority of a restaurant’s revenue. A Local Fave designation from the NetWaiter Network makes it easier for restaurants to attract more customers by generating free online word-of-mouth marketing.

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