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REDLANDS, CA – NetWaiter recently launched the NetWaiter Network, the newest and most innovative customer-focused site available to restaurant guests.

The NetWaiter Network, operated by NetWaiter, the online and mobile ordering system for restaurants, is a customer-centric site allowing visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their favorite places.

Currently, there are more than 200,000 restaurants listed on the NetWaiter Network, which are mostly independent restaurants, small chains, and regional chains. “While certain locations and cities are not yet covered, we’re continuing to roll out our network of restaurants across the country,” said Jared Shimoff, Co-Founder and Sr. Director at NetWaiter.

Listings on the NetWaiter Network are reserved for only the best local restaurants. “We want the NetWaiter Network to be regarded as a place people can count on to receive valuable information from the best restaurants in their area,” Shimoff added. “We’ve selectively chosen to only list good restaurants, as indicated by consumers from various sites across the internet.”

The site is based on the principal that restaurant guests generally have a group of favorite restaurants in their area and patronize them more than others, especially for takeout and delivery. With the NetWaiter Network, visitors can select which restaurants they like and receive updates and deals from those places. The NetWaiter Network is a platform guests can use daily to get updates from their favorite places or search for something new.

If they are looking for someplace new, visitors can sort through local restaurants based on a variety of criteria including ones that offer takeout or delivery. Other search parameters include whether a restaurant takes reservations, serves alcohol, and offers a happy hour, among others.

Although NetWaiter specializes in restaurant online ordering, restaurants do not have to use online ordering to join the network. Restaurants that are already listed on the NetWaiter Network can claim their site and control their information using NetWaiter’s Management Console. Within the Management Console, restaurants can also use NetWaiter’s Social Widget to post messages and communicate to customers. Restaurants that are not currently listed within the network can contact NetWaiter to be added.

A particularly valuable component of NetWaiter and the NetWaiter Network site is its delivery system. Restaurants can customize their delivery area(s) by drawing their delivery zone(s) on a map. This tells visitors exactly which restaurants in their area will deliver to them.

Approximately 25% of the restaurants currently listed on the NetWaiter Network offer delivery. The collective delivery area from all of these restaurants is about 66,000 square miles.

Restaurants can claim their site on the NetWaiter Network for free. For a modest annual fee, restaurants can upgrade to an enhanced version, where they can post their menu, customize their site design, and take advantage of other useful marketing tools, like NetWaiter’s Social Widget, to send messages to visitors and local guests that have selected their location as a favorite. A premium listing with NetWaiter includes features like online ordering, email marketing, a promotional system, and more. Any restaurant using NetWaiter’s branded online ordering system automatically has a premium listing on the NetWaiter Network.

NetWaiter plans to expand the NetWaiter Network in the future to include services from partner companies that will provide visitors and listed restaurants even more convenience and benefits.

Restaurant owners can visit to search for their restaurant listing and claim their site.

NetWaiter provides restaurants across the country fully branded online ordering systems, allowing customers to order takeout and delivery from any web-enabled device. Additionally, NetWaiter operates the NetWaiter Network, a site for visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them, and get updates from their favorite places. For more information, contact NetWaiter at 1-866-638-9248, or visit their website at Restaurants that are listed on the NetWaiter Network can claim their site and use NetWaiter’s marketing tools by visiting

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