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The number of smartphone users now rivals desktop users, says a recent report.  Online visits from smartphones, however, are nearly twice the number of desktop visits.

If you doubt this, think about how many times you check things on the Internet using your phone while on the go.  It makes sense, huh?

Mobile is often the only tool used for making buying decisions when it comes to restaurants.  Even better, restaurants have the highest conversion rate from a search to a purchase/visit – it’s a whopping 80%!

Here are some more head-turning numbers:

  • 50% of restaurant searches are done on smartphones.
  • When asked about the most important medium for making a buying decision, 42% say it is their mobile phone.
  • 51% of mobile users use their device at the start of the purchasing process and nearly half of those rely on their mobile device all the way through the purchasing process.
  • When it comes to restaurants, a mobile customer is a hot lead.  Two-thirds of those looking for a restaurant plan on making a purchase the same day (or within minutes).

With NetWaiter as your restaurant’s online ordering service, you don’t have to worry about your mobile site – we’ve handled it for you because we realize how important mobile is in today’s competitive restaurant business.  Make sure your customers know they can visit your online site with their mobile device!

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