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Restaurant promotion can be challenging due to the fact that you are constantly trying to come up with innovative ways to connect with your customers. However, did you know that being a marketer can actually be fun if you have the right mindset and approach? Here is a simple guide to restaurant promotion.

Connect on an Emotional Level
It is easy for customers to focus on themselves. When it comes to marketing, try to create a way that you will be able to attract your customers by pulling on those heartstrings or tugging at their inner core. Creating emotional triggers will increase a customer’s likelihood of noticing your promotion . Brainstorming these methodologies are also fun for you because it requires you to dig deep to try to make that internal connection with your customers. Unruly, which ranks the most viral ads each year, found that the most-shared ads of 2015 relied heavily on emotional content, specifically friendship, inspiration, warmth, and happiness. Examples include Android’s Friends Furever and Kleenex’s Unlikely Best Friends. As you can see, these brands really connect with their customers on an emotional level. That, or you should just include animals in your marketing…

Utilize Consumer Generated Content
With the amount of content that currently exists across all social media channels, sometimes it isn’t required for you to reinvent the wheel. Your customers are already creating the content for you in a more organic way by sharing their own personal experiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A recent survey by Forbes shows that 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they support, and 60% say user-generated content (UGC) is the most authentic form of content. Identify customers who are authentic and supportive to your brand and try to incorporate them into your marketing strategies. It’s easy to find joy through energizing your customers to engage in the marketing process.

Collaborate with Others
Cross promoting can develop and grow in various ways. When it comes to building a marketing campaign and strategy that is effective, sometimes it’s best to team up with another like-minded company and brand. The ability to collaborate and promote to two different demographics and customers can be a powerful way to get more customers and increase brand exposure. With the introduction of marketing channels like email marketing and social media the internet has made collaborative marketing easier than ever. Cross-promotion is also a great way to cut marketing costs.

Why So Serious?
We all know retaurant promotion is important, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Allow yourself to integrate a little bit of “you” into your marketing strategies. Being you, doesn’t necessarily equate to being funny, but a little humor never hurts. Funny content has a higher potential to be shared than dry forms of content. Find a style and approach that allows you to be you while also effectively communicating your restaurant’s mission, tone, and style. We are all human – let that shine through to your customers. Adding a certain realness to your restaurant’s brand can really payoff in the long run.

Up with the Trends
One of the most important ways to keep your marketing fresh it if you stay in touch with current trends. Trends come and go, and if you aren’t following them, you might miss an opportunity to jump on board doing something fun and effective. By engaging with one trend, you could see customer interactions jump or spike more quickly than by continuing to execute old strategies. It’s fun to be trendy!

Try, Try Again
You can find something that’s fun for you by experimenting. Don’t force yourself into a marketing strategy that doesn’t come naturally to you. Determine what works best for you and really commit to it!

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