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Does your restaurant use branded takeout packaging or have you ever thought of using takeout bags with your restaurant name and logo on it?

This a proven and effective way of making sure your brand follows the customer.  And, of course, it’s a nice little billboard for everyone else – the folks in the parking lot, coworkers, the neighbors, etc.

Good food is always essential to the success of a restaurant, however, many restaurants with mediocre food easily outperform those with better menus because their branding and marketing are better.

When people see your logo on a bag, they remember your food, but they also remember the experience you offered them, either for dine-in, takeout, or delivery.  Or, if it’s their first time seeing your takeout bag, and learning about your restaurant, it sets the stage for that person to have a great experience and will hopefully be intriguing enough for them to come visit.

Along the same lines – pictures posted on social media pose an interesting and similar opportunity for restaurants and their branding.

When a customer takes a picture of themselves or their food at your restaurant, there is a good chance it may end up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

What’s in the background of those pictures?

There needs to be something recognizable and preferably branded.  For instance – coasters with your logo might be in the background of a picture showing off your food.  How about on the walls?  Is there something recognizable that would stand out in a picture?  Think of pictures posted online as little billboards for your restaurant.

It would be great if everyone who saw a picture of their friend at your restaurant could immediately recognize where it was taken, what they were eating, and wanted to be there.

This goes beyond just having the brand on the bag and packaging as well…it’s the packaging itself–the texture; the way the handles work; how the box folds together; if the box is recyclable or compostable etc.–that also influences the perceptions surrounding your brand.

These are important things to pay attention to, and an excellent new opportunity to win over more customers.  Own these micro-moments and your brand will win over the long-haul.

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