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Several years ago, a trade magazine in the restaurant industry released a survey on the top five complaints from takeout customers. Included, were leaky containers.  It’s a big problem and one that may cost you customers.

Another undercurrent in the industry also pertains to takeout customers and takeout containers.  As pointed out in a recent article from, more and more takeout customers are looking for restaurants that offer environmentally friendly containers.  “These products contain renewable resources, and are also compostable, biodegradable, petroleum free and nontoxic,” said the article.

Taking it one step further, The Pho Bar in Berkeley, CA, uses reusable stainless steel containers called tiffins.  NetWaiter worked with The Pho Bar to not only facilitate online ordering, but to develop a system to keep track of their tiffins.

If the environmental efforts at your restaurant center around reusable containers, or containers made from biodegradable or renewable resource, it’s an important point to advertise, especially on your website and via social media.  Survey after survey shows that restaurants making a commitment to a greener earth get ‘points’ with customers.

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