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A piece in PMQ Pizza Magazine reveals some new data about online ordering.  It’s good stuff to review:

  • Online ordering has an average customer return rate of 95%.  This means you can boost customer loyalty with minimal effort, other than implementing an online ordering system.
  • The younger generation (i.e. millennials) is much more comfortable online, compared to talking with someone.  That’s how they’ve grown up.  It’s not hard to imagine why they flock to online ordering. 
  • Some restaurants report that a popular promotion to drive customers to their online ordering site, and keep them coming back, is a weeklong offer of deep discounts; 25% to 50% off a high-profit menu item seems to do the trick.
  • According to one restaurateur, twice-a-week email blasts from your NetWaiter Management Console to customers with a special offer is another way to generate more business.  NOTE: Be careful with this type of customer engagement, you don’t want to alienate customers by emailing them too much. 

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