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Restaurateurs have discovered something, and it applies equally to online ordering at restaurants as it does offline ordering. More detailed descriptions of your menu items, especially when using some key words, helps increase sales, and at higher prices.

Here are a few tips on fleshing out your online menu, and keep in mind that the addition of some of these key words can also help your SEO rankings:

Mention preparation methods – Words such as grass-fed, house-made, in-house and artisanal are all associated with higher prices. One study found that the average price of an order of French Fries goes up $1.68 when the words hand-cut are included in the description.

What’s the source of the food? – 86% of consumers in a global survey rank ingredient transparency high on the scale of importance. This used to be a tactic of smaller chains and independent restaurants, but now you see larger chains boasting the origins of their beef and vegetables, or where they may get their catch-of-the-day. “Locally grown … (fill in the blank)” or a specific region (Northwest, Chilean, etc.) can help boost orders, even at higher prices.

Dietary considerations – Vegetarians, vegans, and those on a gluten-free diet all have a challenge when ordering from restaurants. Making note of these issues on your online menu will make you a favorite and help increase your sales among people that fit these profiles. A simple icon attached to a menu item can identify if it’s vegan, gluten-free, etc.

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