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There are many local customers within a geographical area of your restaurant that are prime targets to order online.

Customers are your number one priority as a restaurant owner. Most of the time, if a restaurant fails, it’s because they didn’t define their target customer or market as best as possible. A big challenge when opening a restaurant is being able to adapt and appeal to multiple demographics. With the right planning, you can ensure you are attracting the best set of local customers to your restaurant.

A quick way to bring consistent customers to your restaurant is through online ordering. Over 80% of restaurants are turning to technology – like online ordering, reservation & inventory apps, and analytics – now, more than ever, to help them run their businesses more effeciently and successfully. Online ordering opens the doors to extra revenue you might not otherwise receive. By offering online ordering, you are immediately attracting very specific customers. Let’s take a deeper look at some of those customer segments:

Working Professionals

Young professionals are easily gravitating towards ordering food online. They are usually busy, stressed, overwhelmed with their workload, and don’t have the time to plan, purchase and produce dinner. After a long day at the office, instead of turning to their kitchen, they are bringing out their phones, apps and ordering food directly from their couch. As of 2017, the amount of money Americans spend on eating out has surpassed the amount they spend to eat at home reports ZeroHedge.


Homework, lessons, sports, laundry, housecleaning – the list never ends. Because of these never-ending tasks, the idea of putting together a family meal at the end of the day can definitely feel overwhelming and impossible to parents. Online ordering has become a great option for parents who truly aren’t feeling like putting on their superhero cape for the evening. Ordering online no only saves them time from grocery shopping, but it allows them to be present with their kids after daycare, school, or whatever evening activity they had participated in before their child goes to sleep. This has removed the chore and daily task of cooking dinners to having a meal ready-to-go for their family. According to a recent report, UBS stated:

“There could be a scenario where by 2030 most meals currently cooked at home are instead ordered online and delivered from either restaurants or central kitchens.”

College Students

Forbes reports that millennials spend 44% of their money on food. Additionally, Millennials spend $163 per month going out to eat, while only 6% of millennials do not eat out month-to-month. This demographic is taking the consumer world by storm. College students and young adults live a fast-paced lifestyle with going to classes, going out in the evenings, and hanging out with friends. Cooking food is not at the top of their list. After having lived with their parents for the first 18 years of their lives, planning meals and making dinner isn’t a natural part of their routine and one they are quick to adopt, especially with the limited time they have.

To hone in on your customers even further, check out this guide and article that gives helpful step-by-step directions on other ways you can find out information about customer demographics.


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