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Over the last decade, Social Media has transformed the food and dining experience. A recent study shows that 69% of millennials photograph their food before eating it. And the ‘gram ability to offer an experience is becoming just as important, if not more important, than the experience itself. So if you want to have a future in the industry, you absolutely
need to be social media conscious and competent.


Here are some of the easiest most effective ways for your restaurant, coffee shop, or service industry business can leverage social media in 2019:

First, you need to have a great product. If you’re serving food, you need to make sure that it’s actually good and that it’s well executed for social media content. Meaning that not only should it taste good but it should look good on camera as well.

Know that almost everything in your restaurant is going to be photographed or videoed, especially the food, drinks, and tables. So making the extra effort to ensure your food is well plated and the tables nicely set will go a long way.

Next design a space that promotes Instagramable experiences. Whether it’s in the lobby where customers will wait to be seated, at the table, or in the bar, create spaces that create moments for your customers to easily capture while patronizing your business.

Having an exciting experience to capture for social media makes an experience worth having for a lot of people. And giving that experience to them adds a lot of value, not only to customers but to your business through “free advertising”.

Now that you have “set the IG stage” offer your customers free Wi-Fi in exchange for their follow of your restaurant’s social media page/s. This gives your customer the free bandwidth they need to post pictures and videos while simultaneously building your following. Not only that but it also allows you to access and track customer data which you can use to create powerful, targeted lookalike audiences for your future Facebook and Instagram ads.

Once you’ve created great experiences for your customers to capture, given them the internet to do it, you can offer them incentives to share those experiences with their friends on social media. Discounts on future visit purchases in exchange for social media posts is a great way to get exposure to new customers while creating repeat customers out of first time patrons.

Lastly get on social media and contact local influencers at scale, offer them free dinner, drinks, entrée’s etc. anything to get them in the door. Not only will they appreciate the status perks, but your restaurant is perfectly staged for them to do what they do best, create content.

This is an incredibly cheap and effective way to reach masses of your customer base while creating a culture around your restaurant. Getting popular, powerful people to patronize and support your business elevates its status and people will absolutely come in to do the same.

I know social media has changed the way the service industry does business, but it has never been easier to leverage technology for new customers and profit. Traditional advertising mediums are dead and wasteful.

Using social media tactics like these allow you to effectively reach, contact, and advertise to your customers at a fraction of the cost with much greater impact. Try them out and let us know what you think and
how they’re helping your business grow!

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