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The restaurant marketing landscape continues to evolve with the rapid development of the internet.

This continual evolution has not only completely reshaped marketing portals for businesses, but the strategies themselves have taken a new form: Value creates value. 

Delivering Value

In a recent blog post Gary Vaynerchuk wrote, “The next decade will be one enormous game of value of output – and whichever companies figure out that game first and can execute it will pick up disproportionate market share.”

This quote from the marketing mogul is clear: whichever companies figure out how to deliver the most value to their audiences and prospects are the companies that are going to win.

Methodologies in marketing and brand building are evolving quickly, and offering valuable content is emerging as a dominant strategy. This is completely changing the way we should think about marketing. 


Making A Connection

Our focus needs to shift from traditional “advertising” to instead putting out value. Fronting the value of your business not only grabs the attention of your audience but it allows you to make powerful connections with them. These connections have profound effects on your business, that greatly outperform transactional engagements.

It’s a simple idea but implementing it into your business is a bit more complicated. But we’re going to sort it out here, so you can effectively start thinking about how you might be able adapt your marketing strategies as soon as possible. 


Determine Your Platform

First you need to find a platform that you’re going to use. This should be determined by a number of things. 

  • Volume of target markets on platform
  • Cost to access attention: Organic reach potential, cost of ads/post boosting
  • Your talent and ability to produce high quality content at scale


The mindset being: reach as many people in your target markets as possible, with the highest quality value offering content, for the least amount of your resources as possible.

Gary V further illustrates this, “Attention is the singular asset. And right now, the attention of the world sits in mobile devices at scale on a handful of social platforms. And, the game is about communicating with them in written, audio, and/or video form.

Ideally you’d do them all – but if you really don’t have resources, think about what you’re best at. Are you a great writer? Do you feel comfortable on video? Or, are you more introverted and want to do a podcast? It doesn’t matter what it is, just start talking – then start doing it a lot more.”


Focus Your Attention On Value

Your attention as a restaurant business should be moving away from “ads” to providing value to customers. You’re probably not going to start a podcast for your restaurant, as that isn’t going to be as effective as other outlets. 

But, once you figure out which platforms are going to serve you best, start by providing value to create relationships with your customers. That requires you to focus on your message and be sure the communication you put out provides your customers value.


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